Summer’s End

With summer firmly to a close here’s a few photos from the beautiful, warm and extended season ever slowly slipping into the next!

A purple wild clover flowering with a background field of same but out of focus.

In a recent photo article about the needs and wants of photography buyers, a simple request was image space to place a message. After all, why not? It’s not all about a pretty picture. Well, it is, but images are designed to sell a message and if there’s no message space the picture alone doesn’t always cut it!

Of course, if you want to make a print to sell in your gallery then that’s a different pitch. In that case, fill the space! Both of these images have space to place a message, but the image of the wildflower more so than that of the fishing stage doors, below.

The doors to an old fishing stage are painted clean white save for the rust running down from the hasp.

That said, the white painted doors with the rust has lots of room to convey a written message, but they tend to contain their own message – without words – with the busy arrangement of buttons and hinges. Put a hip frame around and there’s a story in itself.

The final image in this post can be used either way, straight up or cropped. To the right of the bee is a good spot to place a message or story board, or it can stand alone.

A bee clings to the underside of a wildflower, wet and attempting to shelter from the water.

Alternatively, with the right-third of the image cropped (click it and crop with a sheet of paper) the photograph is busier and tells a tale of a bee sheltering from the dampness, without the need for words.

That’s it for summer, save for plenty of phone pics, people pics, landscape and architectural shots to sort through and make a few prints.

Next post, let’s talk about Autumn. It’s in full swing and upon us.

If you’re interested in doing a photography course, Go Learn! A custom learning experience may just be the cure to get your awesome prints on the wall or simply share with your friends on social media!

See you soon!


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