The Power of RAW

Many people do not understand the power of a RAW file. If you’ve set your camera to shoot .jpeg (or .jpg) files only AND you like to post-process the captured images in your favorite editing program – like Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or The GIMP – then you’ll miss out on the ability to perform fantastic photo adjustments.

A photograph of a birch tree against the landscape and orange glow of sky just after sundown.
A raw file was used to create this jpg image of a birch tree after sunset. Without a raw file, this image could not be possible to make from another jpg.

That’s because the RAW and .jpg file formats have different bit-depths: the number of color tones assigned to each pixel that makes up the image. The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, sometimes just .jpg) file format is great for photography, but images made with the RAW format are AWESOME! Continue reading